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XS134 / Satin Black


    Behind the wheel, a passion for speed and adventure leads to dedication. But for some, it is more. For some, it is an addiction. The Addict 2 is the perfect wheel for these few. An updated version of the iconic Addict, the classic eight-spoked Addict 2 gives you the choice of Matte Bronze, Matte Black, or Matte Black Milled, all with a Matte Black race beadlock inspired lip. Features - Updated version of the popular Addict wheel - Classic straight eight-spoke design - Desert inspired simulated race bead ring with removable SS bolts - New XD pro cap with removable center cone and logo

    Available in Sizes:
    14x7, 15x6

Price Range:
$60 - $225 (ea)

Technical Specifications

Part Number Finish Size Bolt 1 Bolt 2 Bore Offset Weight Cap Number Load Rate Price
XS13447040710 SATIN BLACK 14x7 4x110.00 n/a 86 10 16.09 n/a 1000 Call for Price
XS13447040738 SATIN BLACK 14x7 4x110.00 n/a 86 38 15.45 n/a 1000 Call for Price
XS13447044738 SATIN BLACK 14x7 4x156.00 n/a 132 38 15.08 n/a 1000 Call for Price
XS13447048738 SATIN BLACK 14x7 4x137.00 n/a 112 38 15.21 n/a 1000 Call for Price
XS13456040738 SATIN BLACK 15x6 4x110.00 n/a 86 38 16.75 n/a 1000 Call for Price

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