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    P6000 Tires by PirelliĀ®. Season: Summer. Type: Performance. Pirelli pushes the performance envelope with the P6000. A totally innovative, freshly patented new wave tread design which incorporates an almost continuous, and therefore exceptionally stable, tread block running from the center to the shoulder of the tire, separated by elliptical water clearing channels running across the tread area. Born in CAD/CAM experiments, this unique tread design combines tread block stability with wet weather safety while minimizing noise generation.

Price Range:

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Part Number Size Speed Rating Load Range Load Index Max Load Max PSI Price
2201400 195/65r15 n/a w 0 0 10 Call For Price
3569800 215/60R15 W NA 94 0 51 Call For Price
3569900 195/65R15 W NA 91 0 51 Call For Price
3570000 185/70R15 W NA 89 0 51 Call For Price

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