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Michelin Tires Pilot MXM4


    Built with a rounded shoulder to deliver a sporty, European-style handling profile, the Michelin Pilot MXM4 tire lets you take your vehicle to the edge of its performance capabilities while still offering a quiet, comfortable ride. No wonder it’s Original Equipment on luxury cars like the Mercedes C-Class. The tread incorporates a pattern that gives you reliable grip all year round, plus noise-reducing technology to keep your ride quiet.

Price Range:

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Technical Specifications

Part Number Size Speed Rating Load Range Load Index Max Load Max PSI Price
02817 P245/45R18 V Standard Load 96 0 44 Call For Price
04271 P235/50R18 V Standard Load 97 0 44 Call For Price
06009 P235/55R18 H Standard Load 99 0 44 Call For Price
27395 245/40R17 H Standard Load 91 0 51 Call For Price
29719 P245/50R17 V Standard Load 98 0 44 Call For Price
39731.1 P265/45R18 V Standard Load 101 0 44 Call For Price
70341 225/55R16 H Standard Load 95 0 51 Call For Price
72542 P225/45R18 W Standard Load 91 0 44 Call For Price
91426 P235/50ZR18 W Standard Load 97 0 51 Call For Price

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