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    The CP671 provides high performance with a quite comfortable ride. Designed for all seasons, CP671’s straight wide grooves channel away water to maximize traction and avoid hydroplaning on wet roads. Acceleration is no problem; at high speeds the straight center rib block aides in direction driving and the lateral groove assure reliable traction and braking.

Price Range:

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Technical Specifications

Part Number Size Speed Rating Load Range Load Index Max Load Max PSI Price
11449XK P205/65R16 H n/a 94 1477 44 Call For Price
11462XK 215/70R16 H n/a 100 1764 44 Call For Price
12259XK P215/55R17 V n/a 93 1433 44 Call For Price
12525XK 205/55R16 H n/a 91 1356 36 Call For Price
12526XK 225/45R17 V n/a 91 1356 36 Call For Price
12841XK P195/65R15 T n/a 89 1279 44 Call For Price
12909XK 215/55R17 H n/a 94 1477 44 Call For Price
12910XK 235/45R18 H n/a 94 1477 44 Call For Price
12911XK 235/40R19/XL H n/a 96 1565 50 Call For Price
13260XK P225/40R18 V n/a 88 1235 44 Call For Price
13333XK 205/60R16 H n/a 92 1356 44 Call For Price
13345XK 225/55R17 V n/a 97 1609 36 Call For Price
13535XK 215/60R17 T n/a 96 1565 51 Call For Price
13536XK 215/55R17 V n/a 94 1477 51 Call For Price

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